Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Holiday in Lombok

Our son, Khairulzaman, drove us to KLlcct for our flight to Lombok, Indonesia, Monday 24 March.  It was a three hour journey and we arrived at Lombok International Airport around noon that day.

Baha, our farmhand, welcomed us at the airport.  Goeslan, our ex farmhand were there too.  Baha, Rizal and Saran's mom were there too.  Shidee's mom could not make it because she had to work on her padi field that day.  Hubby and I were so touched by their warm welcome.

Baha's cousin, Hj Aziz a taxi driver, then drove us to their village at Praya Tengah.  It was an hour journey from the airport.

During the journey to the village, we could see acres and acres of padi field.  Some plots already harvested.  We could also see padi being dried in the courtyard of some of the houses in the village.

Again, we were given a warm welcome from the village folks, especially our farmhands' families.  We had lunch at Baha's abode.  Then, we proceeded to Saran, Rizal, Shidee and Goueslan's abode.  We gave to each of their mothers, our humble gifts from Malaysia. A prayer mat, a blouse, a packet of Milo 3 in 1, and also cash.  We could see and feel their delight in receiving the gifts. 

Our farmhands mothers are all widows.  Their husbands passed away when our farmhands were very young.  Thus, they (our farmhands) grew up without their fathers around.  They are around my sons ages, therefore hubby and I treated them like our children too.

We left their village at around 4pm, and Hj Aziz drove us to Grand Legi Hotel in Mataram where we will stay until Wednesday, In shaa Allah.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Skateboard travelling bag....

Hubby bought for Wahiduzzaman a skateboard travelling bag.  So, when we left Wahid at his rented abode in Ipoh, after our trip to Ayeshah's friend's wedding and also Kellie's Castle, we gave him the bag.  He was surprised and so happy to receive the bag.  Wahid has been skateboarding since he was nine years old.  His older brother, Badruzzaman, gave him his first skateboard i.e. when Badruzzaman quit skateboarding.

Well, my three sons, Badruzzaman the body builder, Khairulzaman the footballer and Wahiduzzaman the skateboarder.....all with different hobbies...Alhamdullilah.

Selfie...CANON EOS 1100D

 (the above pictures shot before it got very windy.....)

(the above pictures shot when it got very windy and we all felt like being blown off....but of course, Wahiduzzaman exaggerated a bit....he was holding the camera during these selfie shots)

We were on the highest tower of Kellies Castle and did all the above selfie.  Wahiduzzaman was the one who did all the clicking since he was holding the camera.  The weather was fine, until it became cloudy and windy too.....  Then, suddenly it rained and we all ran down the steep stairs to the ground floor of the castle.  I had so much fun with four of my children.  Love you all very much.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Took this selfie with my two sons, Khairulzaman and Wahiduzzaman at Kellys Castle, Batu Gajah, Perak.  The top picture is the original shot using Camera 360.  Then, I edited using magic skin and sexy lips (2nd picture).  Then I crop it and use it for my FB profile pic.....  Oh yeah, am wearing Ray Ban which hubby bought for me at Insight, Pavilion, on 11th March 2014.  Thank you soooooo much, sayang....

Teenagers in 1974, Hot Mamas in 2014

The Year was 1974, we were sweet sixteen then. We were in Secondary Four at Monks Hill Secondary School, Winstedt Road, Singapore.  Standing left to right, was Salmah Awang and Rosenah Baboo.  Kneeling on the grass on the left was Sukarni and yours truly....

Then, in 2014 (40 years later), we met at Mokhtar's son's wedding in Singapore.  Of course, I have met Salmah numerous times over the years, but for Rosenah and Sukarni, it was our first meeting.... Sitting from left, Rosenah, Sukarni, Salmah and I.

When Salmah posted the above pictures on Facebook, I did not notice anything extraordinary, until she pointed it out to me....the four of us Then...and Now.....

Alhamdullilah, thank you Allah, for bringing us together again.

Sofiyah's 15th Birthday

 (Her birthday cake from Secret Recipe - Chocolate Indulgence)

 (belated birthday present for Badruzzaman from his brother-in-law)

Sofiyah's 15th Birthday was on 2nd March 2014.  I was extremely busy the last few weeks, thus the late entry for my blog.

Hubby, Khairulzaman and I took Sofiyah to Alamanda Mall at Putrajaya 1st March, which was a Saturday. She had wished for a wrist watch, so her dad took her to SWATCH Alamanda and bought her a wrist watch.  It was her lucky day, because, she received another watch for free.

 We then had lunch at this Arabic Restaurant also at Putrajaya.

Sofiyah, we love you very much.

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