Sunday, March 31, 2013

Little toe road 2 recovery.....

Alhamdullilah, my injured little toe is recovering well. When i attended class at uia Saturday, i could wear my boots and also drove my car. The little toe is still swollen and according to my doctor, it would take another month or so to subside.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pokok Jambu Tetek

The above pokok jambu tetek grew in a corner at Rumah Liza.  Direct translation for pokok jambu tetek is Guava Breast Tree.  Why breast??? Wait for it to bear fruits.......coming soon, In shaa Allah. 


Atukde (atuk muda) and nenek

Photo: Cucu atukde (atuk muda) heheehe....
(At home with grandpa (atukde)

(Room 309 at KPJ Kajang)
(Siti Ayeshah in the background)

Muhammad Shahbudeen was discharged from the hospital Wednesday 20th March.  He was wearing the shawl knitted by my mother (his great grandmother).  In fact, my mother knitted six pieces of shawl for each of my children for their children..... Kak Long chose the red shawl for her son.  My mother knitted these shawls years ago.....i.e. when she was healthy and fine.  Mak, you are the BEST mother in the world and I love you so much.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Introducing......Muhammad Shahbudeen bin Ahmad

 (above pictures taken at 1.14am Wednesday 20.3.2013)

 (the whole family rejoicing....except for kak long (still in the labour suite) outside the nursery)

(above pictures taken at 3.18pm Wednesday 20.03.2013)

Alhamdullilah, my grandson was born at 12.04am Wednesday 20th March 2013, Labour Suite No.5, KPJ Specialist Hospital Kajang.  He weighed 3.42Kg.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

At the waiting lounge.....

Kak Long is now in the labour room, 3rd floor, KPJ Specialist Hospital Kajang..... and here we are, waiting..... in the lounge.... everyone except hubby and Badruzzaman...... Hubby otw from Tanjong Malim, whilst Badruzzaman is still at the Gym where he works part-time.  

Kak Long was in labour since 9am today.  She could deliver her baby in two hours time.....In shaa Allah.


The Stairs....almost complete


Alhamdullilah, the stairs are almost complete.....a little bit more and its done!! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sofiyah's Canon EOS 1100D

 (the 1st shot using Sofiyah's Canon EOS)

(Hubby....handsome as ever....told Sofiyah not to delete above two photos from her new camera....)

(Sofiyah shot all the above pictures using her new Canon EOS)

Hubby bought for Sofiyah  a Canon EOS 110D at Sunway Pyramid 29th December 2012.  She then attended a Photography Course in which Encik Rosman Jantan. owner of MyHouse Studio taught her the basics using the Canon EOS 110D.  

Well, she now has her camera with her whenever she's out of the house, she 'can't leave home without it'.  So now all my children have hobbies they love..... Ayeshah (travelling), Badruzzaman (bodybuilding), Khairulzaman (football/futsal), Wahiduzzaman (skateboarding), Sofiyah (photography), Khadijah??? (errrrr.....ERKK!! she does not have one....)


The Porch - Designer Stairway....

The stairs using shanghai stones and antique tiles...... As for the porch, we use terracota....

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