Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sujudlah Sekarang!!


يَومَ يُكشَفُ عَن ساقٍ وَيُدعَونَ إِلَى السُّجودِ فَلا يَستَطيعونَ

خٰشِعَةً أَبصٰرُهُم تَرهَقُهُم ذِلَّةٌ ۖ وَقَد كانوا يُدعَونَ إِلَى السُّجودِ وَهُم سٰلِمونَ

(Ingatkanlah orang-orang yang tidak beriman) akan masa didedahkan kedahsyatan huru-hara (hari kiamat) dan mereka diseru supaya sujud maka mereka tidak dapat melakukannya;

Sambil pandangan mereka tunduk malu, serta mereka diliputi kehinaan dan sesungguhnya mereka (di dunia) dahulu telahpun diseru supaya sujud (tetapi mereka enggan) sedang mereka dalam keadaan sihat (al-Qalam[68:42-43]).‎

@Pizza Hut, Kuching

(my brother with his family)

 (me with my brother's only daughter, Adha, and his wife Sabtuyah)

(my nephews...Afiq in black tee shirt, his brother Akmal (middle), and Afiq's friend Saiful)

(little Adha (she has Downs Syndrome), with her dad who has lost his eye sight)

Hubby and I flew into Kuching on Thursday 24th January 2013.  The next day we drove to Lundu to visit my younger brother, Sargent Zuhaidi Idrus (he is a police officer).  We rented a car, a new proton saga and drove to Lundu after breakfast.  We lost our way trying to get out of Kuching town.  There were hardly any signboard to direct us to Lundu.

We then seek the help of a petrol station owner who drew a map for us.  The drive to Lundu took us about an hour.  We could not find a surau or a mosque along the way until we reached Lundu town.  We went straight to the District hospital, to visit my brother who was warded.  But the nurses there told us he was discharged that morning.  So, we had our jamak and qasar (zohor and asar) prayers at the hospital surau.

We then had lunch at the only restaurant in the village. We then went to my brother's house which was just a stone throw from the restaurant.  My brother and his family were surprised to see us.  There were tears of joy when we hug each other.  I love my brother very much.

His wife served chilled orange cordial with fried bananas which my nephew bought in Lundu town.  The fried bananas were very tasty (just like the ones found in Kajang town... :-)).  Since it was almost five o'clock, we decided to leave for Kuching, and since my brother and his family were going to their house in Kuching the following day, we decided to meet up for lunch and also to meet Afiq, their eldest son who is working part time in Kuching.

When we met Afiq, together with his family at Pizza Hut, he was looking so forlorn.  He was still waiting for the verdict from his college whether he could continue his studies at the Nurses College in Kuching.  (Alhamdullilah, he could continue his studies effective Friday 8 February 2013).

As for my brother, he will have to retire from the Police Force effective 1st June 2013.  

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kelas Tafsir @UIA

Till we meet again next semester....

(me with my classmates)

(our Ustaz Abdullah Bukhari Abdul Rahim receiving our small gift)

Our last class this semester was held at our classmate, Puan Faridah's house in Taman Berlian, Gombak, on 2nd February 2013 (Saturday).  

Tahsin Class @UIA Gombak

 (Ustaz Zulkhairi receiving our humble gift)

 (I took this picture.....six of our classmate could not come today)

 (Puan Hajah Arbaaiah took this picture)

 (our most senior classmate...she is one sweet lady...Puan Hajah Norehan)

 (enjoying their pot luck...)

Our last Tahsin class for this semester.  We had a small pot luck after class.  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kuching Waterfront

(the above four pictures were taken from my hotel room 434)

(the yellow building is the hotel I stayed (Hotel Margerita (formerly Holiday Inn)

(another view from my room, the hotel jetty)

(the building in the background is Kuching Hilton)

(the boatman ferrying passengers across the Sungei Sarawak)

(this is the traditional boat)

(the new jetty)

(walking along the Kuching waterfront)

(hubby....full of concentration reading the banner...)

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