Friday, November 30, 2012

MAHA International 2012

 (Norehan entered first....)

(then, my turn.....hehehe.....)

Yesterday, Sofiyah and I went to MAHA 2012 at Mardi Serdang with Norehan and five of her six children.  We had breakfast at Sungei Ramal Dalam.  The warong is at the junction to Sri Abim.  The lontong was delicious.  After breakfast, we fetched Abbey, Sofiyah's buddy at her grandparent's house.  

I then lead the way to the MAHA venue at Mardi Serdang. Just after Putrajaya Marriot Hotel, we turned left and, although it was 10 am, there was a long queue to enter the MAHA venue.  So, I made a u-turn and drove back into the highway.  Norehan followed from behind.

When the childrens' playground came into view, I gave the signal for Norehan to park our cars by the roadside.  Threre were only three cars parked along the road including ours.  Initially, I thought we have to climb over the locked green gate, then I saw the gaping hole on the green fencing.  Voila!! We need not climb the green gate afterall......

So, all of us squeezed ourselves through the gap and walked to the nearest tram-stop for the ride to the Exhibition Hall.  We spent about two hours at MAHA 2012 Exhibition Hall B.  Then on our way back to the hole in the fence, the children wanted to ride the spinning swing at the childrens' playground.  Norehan and I too joined them.  

Both of us felt giddy after the ride....hehehe.....(age factor).  Anyway, as for Norehan's only son, Ahmad Ubaidullah, he wanted to play on the slide in the.....(don't know what to call it).  When he reached the bottom, he got all wet because of the puddle of water. Yet, he continued playing the slide.  Boys will be boys.....

When we reached the site where we parked our cars, the whole stretch were filled with parked cars.  From MAHA, we drove to Alamanda at Putrajaya.  Norehan, her children, Sofiyah and Abbey watched the movie Twilight at the cinema whilst I went to MPH to read some cookery books available there.  I have a wide collection of cookery favourite is Amy Beh's cook book.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kiki after his bath....

 (getting stoned.....)

(curled into a ball and....ZZzzzzz...)

Kiki had his bath this morning.  We bathe him with warm water in the pail.  Shampooed his fur all over and then gave him a warm shower.  He looked funny with wet fur..... Then using two large towels, we (Sofiyah and I) pat him dry.  After that, I used a mini hairdryer to blow dry him.  

He than sat at the sliding door and.....curled into a ball, he slept....cute Kiki.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rumah Liza - Tangga with mini terowong

Well, our contractor did rebuild the tangga batu.  So now, if our cucus play at the mini terowong (tunnel), they will not bump into the tiang (pillar).  We are still waiting for the remaining two carved wooden pillars for the porch, which, hopefully, will be ready next week.

Melaka River Cruise

Well, before we left Melaka, Sofiyah and I took a ride on the ferry along the Melaka River.  The ride was interesting and the view awesome.  But, here's a few tips if you wish to take the ride too.

1)  if you want to take pictures, do not sit in the centre of the boat.  Better sit on either the left or right side of the boat.  Then you can take pictures without having to include faces of strangers blocking your view.  All pictures above were shot by Sofiyah, since she was sitting on the left side.  I was sitting in the middle, so, unable to take pictures along the river...sigh...

2)  please do not sit infront of the boat, because, every time another boat pass on the opposite direction, you get splash with river water...and its definitely not pleasant at all (you may have to change the clothes you are wearing, so please bring extra top, just in case...hehehe...)

3)  sit next to a passenger who is less than 60kg (like me), because the seat are rather small in width... (errrr....know what I mean??)

4)  enjoy your ride...only 45 minutes return

Still, do not leave Melaka without buying their famous cencalok and belacan.  Now they have cencalok sotong also....I bought a bottle, but yet to taste it.....

Au revoir Melaka...

Melaka River at night

We exited at Merlimau in Melaka and drove to Umbai to have our dinner at the Medan Ikan Bakar Umbai.  It was still raining when we reached the venue.  We head straight to the stall where hubby and I use to eat ikan bakar.  This stall served delicious ikan bakar and we were impressed with their sotong goring sambal.

After our makan, we drove into Melaka town looking for a place to stay the night.  We found one new hotel called The Explorer just beside Mahkota Parade.  

From my room, I could view the car park at Mahkota Parade and the Hatten Hotel.  My children's room was just next door.  After we had our prayers, hubby and I went across the road and visited  Menara Taming Sari. 

Menara Taming Sari is the first revolving gyro tower in Malaysia.  Printed on the postcard, which we received for free when we purchased the tickets, was as follows:-

"Menara Taming Sari  is a 360 degree viewing tower, was designed with inspiration from Keris Taming Sari, a legendary Malay dagger.  Standing at 120 meters high and capacity of 66 passengers, it promises an exciting viewing experience of Malacca city and UNESCO Historical Site nearby."

When we purchased the tickets, we were given a packet of chrysanthemum tea and two Taming Sari postcards.  Then we had to queue before boarding the Taming Sari.  We had a beautiful view of the Melaka town and also the Melaka river when the Taming Sari revolve slowly all the way up and then down again.  Perhaps next time, we board the Taming Sari during the day and view the Straits of Melaka from above...

Hubby and I then walked to the Melaka River and sat on one of the benches at the quay, holding hands....( lomantik).  We felt as though we were in Venice (we were there in 2003 when we toured Italy).  Suddenly our children took us by surprise by hugging us from behind.  I wanted to ride on the Ferry along the Melaka River, but hubby said nothing to see at night, so better ride during the day.

The children wanted to go  to Jonker Street and wanted us to come along.  We declined because we wanted to just sit at the quay and enjoy the night air.....It was almost midnight when we returned to the hotel.

Friday, November 23, 2012


When we left Rompin Friday 16 November, on our way to Johor Bahru, we stopped at Mersing town.  We drove to the jetty in town and wanted to enquire about visiting Tioman Island.  According to the travel agent there, only if the weather is permissable and the Maritime gave the green light, then only the ferry services to Tioman Island could resume. Since November and December is the monsoon season, she adviced us, if we wish to visit Tioman, to come anytime from February to October next year.  During that time, ferry services are more frequent and according to schedule.  Well, hubby please take note. ;)

So, we just lepak by the waterfront at Mersing and ate goring pisang with cendol. I also wallop the goring keledek with black cillipadi sauce.  So delicious.  Then off we drove to Johor Bharu (JB).  It was raining most of the time during the journey.  By the time we reached Pasir Gudang, it was almost 6pm.  So, we stopped at a Petronas station to do our solat.  Trafic was bad when we entered JB.  Jam everywhere. 

Since we did not make any hotel bookings, we tried our luck by just walk-in to the hotels in town.  Lucky for us, the Amansari City Hotel had rooms for us.  So we took two rooms (without connecting door).  My children said the next time we come to JB, can stay at Amansari, because they have room plus tour package to either Legoland Malaysia or Universal Studios Singapore. 

We then went to have our dinner at Sambal House, City Square JB.  Sambal House serves delicious Malay cuisine such as Nasi Lemak, Assam Pedas, Rendang ayam, lempeng, roti jala etc.  Wish they serve Laksa Johor, one of my favourite dish.  After dinner, hubby and I returned to the hotel, whilst the children went shopping at City Square and also the Uptown JB.

The next morning (Saturday 17 November), we checked out after breakfast and drove to JPO (Johor Premium Outlet).  Follow the highway to Kulai and exit just after the first toll.  Read and follow the signboard, very easy like kacang.

At JPO, we broke into two groups, me with hubby and the children by themselves.  Heyyyy, I need to be with my walking ATM (wink wink).  The boutiques here were impressive indeed.  Most are International Brands. When I saw Evita Peroni, wowwww.....I entered and bought stretchies (3 pcs) and a pony tail band.  As for the branded handbags (Fossil, Bonia.....) perhaps next time lah......Hubby said I got too many handbags already.....

As for my children, only Khairulzaman bought a pair of Adidas football shoes.  He said it was cheap here.  It started to rain when we left JPO.  It got heavier when we entered the highway. I was in snooze mode all the way to Melaka.

Lanjut Golden Beach and Golf Resort

The school holidays began on November 10 this year.  Two whole months before my youngest daughter returns to school.  So, hubby suggested that we spend a few days at Rompin, Pahang. Then from there we could drive down to Mersing, Johor and then to JB (Johor Bahru) and up to Melaka before returning to our home in Kajang.  What an adventure it will be.

Anyway, only three of our children were with us, Ayeshah, Khairulzaman and Sofiyah.  Wahiduzzaman was preparing for his final exam, whilst Badruzzaman went on holiday with his buddies.  As for Khadijah, well, she preferred to stay home and babysit Kiki our cat instead.  Of course, she also had her husband to accompany her...

So, our journey began Thursday 15th November with Khairulzaman driving, hubby sitting next to him, and we ladies at the back, me in the middle with Sofiyah on my left and Ayeshah on my right. We took the PLUS highway and at the Nilai R & R, we stopped for breakfast.  Only the children ate, hubby and I were fasting, since it was 1st Muharram (the Muslim New Year).

Then, we stopped at Pedas to have a look at my 'homestay' (now known as Rumah Liza).  The concrete stairs were almost complete, but hubby was not happy with the positioning of the culvert, because he said, if his grandchildren were running through the culvert, they could bump into the wooden pillar at the side. So, our contractor may have to redo the staircase, which I think he would.

From Pedas, we took the Miku road to Kuala Pilah. Here we passed through virgin jungle where a few orang asli settlement could be found.  They were seen selling petais.  When we reached Kuala Pilah town, we realised most of the shops were closed.  "Of course lah ummi..., today public holiday lah", Khairulzaman said. Oh yaaaa...

We then decided to visit my aunty leha (my dad's youngest sister) who lives in Juasseh town with her only daughter, Maza.  Aunty leha was drying out the laundry when we came.  She welcomed us with open arms, hugs and kisses....The last time we met was during a wedding of one of our relatives.  Maza, who had a mild stroke last year, was getting much better.  Alhamdullilah.  Aunty leha wanted to prepare lunch for us, but I told her that hubby and I were fasting, and that the children already had a heavy breakfast of nasi lemak at the R & R.  So, I helped aunty leha prepared a jug of air sirap and she served this with the local kerepeks.  When we left aunty leha's abode, she gave me a tupperware full of biskut kering.

(these biskut kering so tasty if eaten with hot black coffee)

It will take us another two hours to reach Rompin.  We drove through the Felda Oil Palm plantations along narrow road.  Traffic was heavy with huge trailers on their way to Kuantan Port.  Imagine having to overtake two sixteen wheelers at one go...otherwise our journey will double the time to reach Rompin.... Still, I told my son not to overtake if there's a double line...the PWD did not draw the line for fun....

Anyway, when we finally reached the junction to Rompin, after passing through Bandar Iskandar, the children were already hungry.  So, we stopped at this Medan Selera near the junction and the children ate their rice with udang galah which Rompin is famous for. Hubby tapau rice, grilled fish and also udang galah for our break fast that evening.

When we finally reached Lanjut Golden Beach and Golf Resort, it was already 4pm. We stayed at the main building near the swimming pool.  Our rooms were on the first floor with a connecting door.  I chose the wooden chalet, but hubby said better to stay in the main building since most of the chalets were unoccupied.  

(our rooms 1st floor on the left)

After our solat (jamak zohor and asar), hubby and I walked along the beach, hand in lovey dovey.....hehehe..... Of course here we could not view the sunset, since we were on the east coast.  But then, we could view sunrise the next unromantic...

Then, when the children joined us at the beach, they took our pictures....My daughter, Ayeshah said, "Wahh, so jiwang abah and ummi".  Since my children were already wearing their swimming gear, hubby gave them permission to wade in the sea.  I panic, when I saw huge waves pounding the beach, although it was low tide.  So, hubby also joined them to keep watch.  I watched all of them from the beach and everytime a huge wave came, I got worried.  It was already 6.30pm and I had to return to our room to prepare for break fast.  I tried signalling my hubby to return with the children, but I guess he did not have the heart to stop them having fun.  They were having fun as I watched them from the beach.

So, I returned to our room and set the small coffee table our food for break fast.  Hubby returned and had his bath whilst the children now having fun at the resort pool. From salt water to chlorinated water.....

After breaking fast, we had our prayers (jamak maghrib and eshaq). My hubby imam the prayers.  Then after resting for a short while, we drove to Rompin town for our supper.  Our children and hubby had ikan bakar whilst I opt for roti canai mandi since I already ate rice with udang galah for breaking fast. We returned to the resort, and since it was already late, we abandon our plan to lepak by the pool.  

As for me and the children, since the resort provide free wifi, we were on Facebook to catch up with our online friends.  Hubby was already dozing with the tv watching him....hehehe....

The next morning, after solat fajr, hubby and I went to the beach again for our morning walk.  The sun had already risen, and since we were walking with our back to the sun, we could watch our own shadows on the white sand (white?? looks yellowish brown to me..).  Anyway, I took a lot of pictures but the ones which had me posing, were shot by darling hubby. He sure could not take good pictures like I could...heeheehee...

Somewhere along the beach, we came across these pawprints? hoofprints? Deifinitely not footprints... It came from the sea and up towards the undergrowth and back to the sea again.... or was it vice versa??  Anyway, it could be A) a turtle looking for a spot to lay its eggs B) a biawak wanting to have a deep in the blue waters or C) a calf looking for its mommy OR if one fantasize, neptune going undercover on land...

Anyway, we then had breakfast at the coffee house.  We were later joined by our children. Then we took more pictures of the hotel grounds before returning to our rooms.  We then checked out  and on the way out of the hotel grounds, we took more pictures on the golf course. Then we drove to Rompin town to have our lunch.  After lunch, hubby and Khairulzaman went to the mosque in town to have their Solat Jumaat.  As for me and my daughters, we waited at the only hypermarket in town, buying snacks for our journey down south.

Au Revoir Rompin, InshaAllah, we will come again.  

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