Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lizas Homestay...progress report, again...

(tiles already in place, drains completed)

(workers fixing the sliding door frame)

(the glass panels for the bathroom windows already in place)

(one way view...inside can see outside, outside cannot see inside (except night time, if the lights are on...)

Well, well well......well well lalala la la laa.......

Registration day @RCMP

 (Wahiduzzaman filling in the registration form  with his father assisting...(Sofiyah being cheeky!)

 (Wahid seriously arranging his registration forms as instructed)

 (Hubby had to carry Sofiyah's handbag which she had left in the car.... (naughty Sofiyah, sporting daddy...)

 (Wahid coming down the stairs from the first floor which was out of bounds to all parents)

(me waiting along the corridor....with my NOKIA)

We left Kajang on Friday 13th July for Ipoh and stayed the night at Heritage Hotel, Ipoh.  The next morning, after breakfast,  we left for RCMP (Royal College of Medicine Perak) which is in Greentown Ipoh. 

It was registration day for freshies at the college.  Wahid will be pursuing Diploma in Radiology.  It will take him three years to complete the course.  Among his siblings, Wahid is the only one who will be far away from home..(oh ummi...only three hours drive lah...he said).  But then, all my other children when they were studying for their diplomas, they were all closer to home.  Easy for me to visit them and for them to return home every weekend.  

Of course, Kak Long and Kak ngah left for Australia when they were studying for their degrees.  That was different, because they are 'fully' matured then... But Wahid....he's only eighteen.... (well...maybe it was because I was very close to him....)

Anyway, after registration, we all drove to his hostel, twelve kilometres away.... So, Wahid will have to take the bus provided from the hostel to the campus and vice versa everyday.  The hostel provided was okay, he got a room shared with his skater friend from Ampang (Mansur).  Mansur is pursuing a Diploma in Physiotherapy.  Another friend from Kajang also, is pursuing Diploma in Pharmacy, but he is in another room shared with three other boys.

And so....with a heavy heart, I bade farewell to Wahid, after hugging and kissing his cheeks.  Of course, tears flowed tears lah... (boys dont cry what.....).  Orientation week started Sunday until Friday. He will be going to Pangkor Island with the rest of the freshies wednesday until friday.  Lucky him, can go to Pangkor, I have never been there before.....

Wahid dear, never miss your solat, remember abah and me in your doas, read the Holy Quran everyday, even if just a sentence, and please study hard for your future.  We love you so much.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wedding Invitation Card and Photo Albums

 (the wedding card...the 'gold pouch' and the envelope (with pink design on its left side)

 (the photo album...the akad nikah ceremony and the reception at IKRAM KLiUC)

(the album when opened)

The wedding card was just a simple one.  My husband's good friend, Raja Mohamed printed those cards.  Everything was perfect, except, we overlooked the day and month in the Islamic Calendar.  It should have read 14 Jamadilakhir and not Jamadilawal...

We had 500 cards printed for our guests.  My husband's secretary helped to print the names and addresses of the guests invited onto labels.  So all I had to do was to stick the labels onto the envelopes, stick the stamp and sent it to the post office.

For every envelope I had to stick an eighty sen stamp, all because there was this pink design on the envelope! Otherwise it costs only sixty sen per envelope!  So...for my second daughter's wedding, InshaAllah, next year perhaps, I will ensure that there are no design on the envelope.  

As for the wedding photo album, it was completed three weeks after the wedding itself.  But it was worth the wait.  It turn out very nice and classy....Khadijah and Ahmad too loves it... Kudos to Mr Rosman Jantan, our official photographer.  He is on facebook too.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

BBQ at Desa Lagoon

Sofiyah having fun with her "nephews and nieces" at Residence Desa Lagoon Resort in Port Dickson.  Her nephews and nieces are her cousin's children, so, if according to rank they will call her 'aunty sofiyah'.... and I am their 'grandmother'.....Errrrr........ERKKK!!!!

Well, my eldest daughter is now married, so.....I could become a grandmother anytime soon.  Well...errr....soon?? A little late soon can or not??  Friends told me, do not panic.....just relax and wait for the day when the newly weds announce the good news...that they are going to have a there a time frame???

Some of them said, why not ask them?? And I said, no way lah....what if they panic and became stressed? So....I will just wait for them to announce the good news then...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lizas Homestay, progress report

Errrr......need I say more?? Still not yet completed lah......hubby's beloved contractor said, sure can complete in time for Eid Mubarak.... 

Oh well......what to do?? Just wait lah.....

Monday, July 2, 2012

My birthday photos

(the birthday card and the note with Bryan Adams lyrics to the song Everything I do I do it for you)

(me reading the lyrics, with hubby trying to sing the sweet.....)

(with Ayeshah, Khadijah, hubby, son-in-law and Badruzzaman)

(hubby putting on the gold ring on my right ring finger)

(the birthday gifts from hubby and my children)

I celebrated my 54th Birthday with all my children, except Khairulzaman who could not come home because he had classes that night.  In his place, was my son-in-law.  This is the first time my son-in-law celebrated my birthday too.  

Hubby gave me a gold ring, and a birthday card with a note.  The note was the lyrics of the song "Everything I do, I do it for you" by Bryan Adams. Actually I do not know who this Bryan Adams is, and neither do I know the song.   Then, when I post on Fb and told my friends I do not know the song, one of them sent me via U-tube.  

When I listened to the song, it was so familiar....but I was sure it was Rod Stewart who sang it. When I mentioned that on Fb....this friend of mine sent another video of some one singing that song....but, I have yet to listen to it....hehehe....

Anyway, Rod Stewart is one of my favourite rock stars!! Of course, there's also Bad Co, Deep Purple, Scorpions...I grew up listening to their songs..... ahaaa.....not forgetting Santana's Black Magic Woman....

Well, I am 54 now....but I feel 44...(chuckle chuckle..). and Alhamdullilah, I am blessed with good health, wonderful husband and family plus son-in-law....Thank you Allah SWT.

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