Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Soldier of Fortune....

 (my bff Salmah Awang...)

 (my secondary school buddies.....)

(yours truly.....hehehe....)

One of my school buddies, did the above pictures....We are all in our fifties....yet we sure know how to have fun.....

We are on Facebook most chat, to tease and to catch up with the latest updates re our families and I felt honoured when they all came to my daughter's wedding. 

We are Monkshillians.....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

LIZAS HOMESTAY....progress report

(the toilet...)

(the marble sink still not installed yet....)

(the suzuka wall tiles being installed)
(the kitchen area....still in a mess.....hmmmm...)

(one of the many durian trees in our compound)

Well, work is still ongoing....wonder whether can be ready before Ramadhan......But anyway, our durian trees have started to bear fruits....and so far a few of the riped ones have started to drop....and....yours truly have also eaten some of its delicious yummmmy...... Well, if dear hubby did not cut the thorny fruit open....yours truly here will not get to eat the 'golden' flesh.....BECAUSE...yours truly here does not know how to slice open the durians....BUT luckily, my son-in-law could do that too....hehehehe.....

So, if hubby not around, can ask my son-in-law to do it for me....


Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Reception at Naka, Kedah May 12 2012

(the bride and groom waiting for the silat performance)

(here comes the silat warrior...)

(father of the bride among the ladies......hehehe...)

(Wahiduzzaman holding the umbrella for my dad (his grandfather)

(the second silat performance, a dual..)

(the gamelan musicians sat under the canopy)

(they performed with the gamelan music in the background)

(Ayeshah with her sister and brother-in-law)

(me with my daughter and son-in-law)

(Sofiyah's turn...)

(my beautiful daughter, wearing the sanggul lintang...)

(makan time.....with our relatives from Kuala Ketil, Kedah)

(hubby chatting with our nephew, Hj Ayob from Kuala Ketil)

(relatives from Kuala Ketil were an hour late, but we were honoured that they came...)

(me with my 'besan' (daughter's mother-in-law) with her youngest daughter)

Our entourage left Hotel Regency in Alor Star, Saturday May 12 at 12.30pm for our journey to the groom's house in Naka.  Our relatives from Kuala Ketil were to join us once we reached the mosque in Naka town.  Our convoy of seven cars with thirty passengers arrived at the mosque around 1pm.  

Since our relatives from Kuala Ketil were delayed (there were twenty of them), our entourage proceeded to the groom's residence about five minutes drive from the mosque.  We were welcomed by his parents and relatives.  We were thrilled watching a silat performance to the beat of the traditional gamelan.  The groom's father, Encik Khalid, is a silat guru.

My daughter was wearing the traditional Minangkabau outfit complete with the sanggul lintang.  I told her that was what I wore when I got married thirty years ago.....But, the sanggul lintang was a lot heavier....hehehe... 

When it was time to leave, I had to hold back my tears....because, I will be returning home without my daughter. She and her busband will be spending a few days with her in-laws before leaving for Australia for her honeymoon with her husband.  Kak Long, ummi loves you so much.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Guests at wedding

(with hubby and my UIA lecturer, Ustaz Abdullah Bukhari bin Abdul Rahim)

(hugging my dearest mom, my sister-in-law behind her)

(hugging my dearest dad, my son Badruzzaman watching)

(my dearest parents, Puan Fauziah binti Yunus and Tuan Idrus bin Rahmat)

(my bff (Monkshillian) all the way from Singapore)

(Imam Fazly from Masjid Kajang with his baby daughter)

(our VIP guests)

(my Tai chi Sifu Mr Hoon)

(my bff from Singapore with their spouses)

(the bride and groom with the bride's aunts and cousins)

(My friend from Jakarta Indonesia, Puan Maria with three of her children)

(Hubby's buddies from his uni days...UiTM Shah Alam)

(the bride and groom with Ayeshah's bff)

(our last guests, Encik Iqbal and his family)

Note: will post more pic soon....

Wedding Reception Sunday May 6 @IKRAM/KLiUC Hall

(The multi-purpose hall at IKRAM/KLiUC being transformed for the wedding reception)

(The entrance, note the bali style ubud-ubud on the right)

(view from the main entrance)

(the bride and groom arriving with their entourage)

(escorted into the hall by two cute little boys (the bride's cousins' children) carrying the bunga manggar)

(walking down the red carpet...)

(the bride and groom walking hand in hand....)

(up the stage towards the main table)

(no need to stand on ceremony dear...please be seated...)

(with the bride's parents-in-law)

(view from the stage..)

(let us drink dear.....sirap limau juice..)

On the eve of the wedding reception, we went to KLiUC to check on the preparation of the multi-purpose hall.  We were so impressed with the beautifully done....kudos to our caterer/wedding planner, Kantan Tiga Catering (Tuan Haji Razali and his charming wife Puan Hajah Azmah aka A Z).  Kantan Tiga Catering +60193172770 (Haji Razali)

The above pictures speaks itself....need I say more??

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