Friday, April 27, 2012

Liza's homestay - progress report

 (on the right will be the kitchen sink, and on the left the cooker hob)

 (this pretty flower is just outside the kitchen window)

 (the lower portion of the walls already cemented)

 (the bathroom wall being tiled)

 (here is.....the bathroom...)

 (now here is.....the toilet)

 (the kitchen area)

 (the front door)

 (will paint the walls using the colour on the tiny window...hmmm)

Yesterday Wahid and I sent the Suzuka bricks we bought for part of the walls in our humble homestay.  Well, will have to view the outcome this coming weekend, InshaAllah.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ayeshah's Cheese Tarts

My second daughter, Siti Ayeshah aka kak ngah, is so fond of baking.  Unlike her elder sister, Kak Long, who can cook quite well, Ayeshah prefer baking rather than cooking.  So, since elder sister cooked for kak ngah (is the title given if you are the second in the family) her favourite sotong goreng kicap (fried squid in soy sauce), kak ngah now has to return the favour by baking for kak long, her favourite cheese tarts.

Besides cheese tarts, kak ngah can also bake muffins, cup cake, chocolate chip cookies and also pineapple tarts.... But I think she really enjoy making cheese tarts.  Before she made the above cheese tarts for kak long...she made a whole tupperware for her girlfriend who craves for her cheese tarts.  So, not to disappoint her girlfriend who is now three months pregnant, kak ngah baked the cheese tarts when she returned from work. Kak Ngah is so obliging.....


My Henna Tree.....

My aunty (Mak Long Adnan) gave me this Henna Tree when I visited her about a year ago.  Each time I prune it, it will grow more and more leaves..... So far, a few of my friends have used the henna for their daughter's wedding.  So now it is my turn to use the leaves for my daughter's wedding.

According to my friend, for best result, it is better to grind the leaves using this equipment.

My mother gave me this granite grounder (batu penggiling) when I told her I wanted to 'giling inai' (grind henna).  She got the grinder from her aunty.  She warned me to wash and clean thoroughly the 'bolster shaped' (anak penggiling) to rid of the chilli paste, curry paste etc.... otherwise when my daughter put on the henna on her ten fingers and ten toes...she will be very uncomfortable....she sure can still feel the 'hotness' of the chilli paste...hehehe... So I will definitely have to clean the granite bolster thoroughly.

When I told my girlfriends that I already got the penggiling, they too were excited.  Everyone wanted to try their hands on this penggiling..... Well, we modern mums now use the electrical grinder or blender to do almost anything when cooking......

Well, also to watch out is that this penggiling is SOOOOOOO heavy!! So, do not move it around unnecessarily..... If you drop it on the floor, it will not break, but your floor will crack!!
AND...if you drop it on your foot...say bye-bye to your foot!! HAHAHHAA......

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Liza's Homestay - Progress report

 (wall tiles are up in the toilet)

 (view from the toilet seat....hehehe....)

 (entrance to the bathroom n toilet on the left. On the right, the prayer room)

 (stairway to the main house.....)

 (the kitchen cabinet to be installed is on the left)

(that tiny window will be replaced...)

I visited Liza's homestay yesterday evening and took the above pictures.  Our contractor has started to install the wall tiles in the toilet and the bathroom areas.  He said he will do the wall tiles first before doing the floors.  He has removed the kitchen windows to be revarnished.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Training for a 5K

My heel is healing quite well now, and Alhamdullilah, ever since I had the last injection, there was hardly any pain.  So, since running is my passion, I hope to start running again soon. 

I was reading yesterday's The Star newspaper when I came across this article.  I would like to share it with everyone.

If you're new to running, best to ease into it.  Start by walking, then walk faster, then alternate walking and running.

Here's a training plan suggested by KC Express, a running and walking club for women.  With this schedule, women who participate in the Mother's Day 5K, a women-only event, could be ready in six weeks o run more than 75% of the race.  Each week, perform the exercise on days one, three and five.  Have one complete rest day.  The other two days can be rest days or, even better, days with other types of workouts.

>Week  1:  Walk 30 minutes
>Week  2:  Run 30 seconds, walk 90 seconds.  Repeat 20 times
>Week  3:  Run 60 seconds, walk 60 seconds.  Repeat 15 times
>Week  4:  Run 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds.  Repeat 10 times
>Week  5:  Run two minutes, walk one minute.  Repeat six times
>Week  6:  Run four minutes, walk one minute.  Repeat six times
>Week  7:  Run six minutes, walk one minute.  Repeat five times
>Week  8:  Run eight minutes, walk one minute.  Repeat four times
>Week  9:  Run 10 minutes, walk one minute.  Repeat three times
>Week 10: Run 12 minutes, walk one minute.  Repeat two times
>Week 11: Run 15 minutes, walk one minute.  Repeat two times
>Week 12: Run 30 minutes
-The Kansas City Star/McClatchy Tribute Information Services

Well, I need to rearrange my schedule and hope to start training soon.  Pray my health permits, Amin.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Progress Report - Renovation

 (the recycled wooden front door)

 (hubby carrying floor and wall tile samples to show to En Halim, our contractor)

 (view from the prayer room)

 (the bathroom and the wc)

 (we now have  white asbestos ceiling)

 (the small structure on the right is the 'rumah kepuk' used to store ripe padi)

 (in the background is the surau)

(view of our farm from the homestay)

Well, our homestay is nearing completion....(I hope so!).  Anyway, it better be ready by end of this month.....can ah Encik Halim?? En Halim just grinned when I asked him.... Hmmmmm......


Love birds.....

A friend of mine (a professional photographer)  took this picture when he was in Fraser Hill some time ago.  I jokingly told him to try capture a picture of any pair of birds and....he actually found a pair nicely perching on a tree branch..... Thank you Rosman Jantan...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Blessed with good neighbours...

(father of d bride all smiles...)

My daughter’s wedding is coming very close now…..InshaAllah in two weeks time.  Preparations are underway and hopefully, by next week, everything is in order.  Actually, I am feeling very nervous coupled with tonnes of worriness….

Anyway, last Sunday (April 8), we had a ‘berkampung’ event with all my neighbours in my housing area.  ‘Berkampung’ is where we meet and discussed with the neighbours about the wedding preparations. Our neighbours agreed to help out in whatever needs there is. So, whoever volunteered was given a specific ‘job’ to do. 

The meeting began at around 10.30am.  All my neighbours were present, except for three of my neighbours who were outstation at that time.  We then had lunch (catered by Ayu Caterers) of rice, beef curry, fried kampong chicken, ulam with sambal belacan and salted fish.  Hajah Rafisah contributed jeruk maman, Hajah Zaitun cream caramel and Puan Azlina gave curry puff and kueh kasui. 

I am blessed with good neighbours in my taman where I have been living for the last twenty four years.  We moved into this taman from 11th mile Jalan Cheras in 1989.  I had three of my children, Khairulzaman, Wahiduzzaman and Siti Sofiyah when we moved here. Alhamdullilah.

My husband is the Secretary in our Jawatankuasa Taman.  Dr Haji Harun is our Chairman.  Encik Wan Yusuf is our Treasurer.  My husband became the Secretary because, when we bought our house from its previous owner, he (Hj Ramli) was the Secretary, so the position was bestowed on my husband automatically….(no voting required)…

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