Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mushroom - Tigress milk (cendawan susu harimau)

We (my husband and our two youngest children) were returning home from Alor Setar, Kedah Wednesday March 14, and we stopped for dinner and prayers at the Kuala Kangsar R n R where we found this huge tiger's milk mushroom.  It was being sold by the orang asli lady who manned the stall at the R n R.  The price? RM150.00! Wowww.....

I had my first encounter with this particular species was when Wahiduzzaman was about two years old.  He was always hospitalised due to his wheezing since he was a month old.  So, as he gets older, I bought the nebulizer machine so that he need not stay in hospital when he started to wheeze.  

Anyway, my sister in law's late father practiced traditional medicine, so he gave me this tiger's milk mushroom, deep in warm water and let Wahid drinks it on alternate days.  Alhamdullilah, his wheezing slowly disappeared.

According to my sister in law's father, this mushroom grew when a tigress breastmilk drip onto the forest floor, thus the mushroom grew from it.  Well.......I do not know whether it was true or just myth....  He also told me this mushroom can cure asthma. Hmmmmm......

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tai Chi at Pedas Farm (Sunday 18th March 2012)

(me with sifu and other lady tai chians)

(looking for a shady spot at the farm)

(decided to do tai chi at the new kandang kambing)

(breakfast time......)

(cute kids....)

(hey.....not too fast ok...)

(now che che's turn...)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Renovation - @Lizas homestay

 (the walls are up...the prayer room and the bathroom)

 (the bathroom and the w.c.)

 (the washing machine spot and the ablution area)

 (the contractor, En Halim showing my hubby whats been done...)

 (the kitchen area...note the still empty space next to the window...this will be the traditional crockery rack)

 (the wooden door (recycled) for the main entrance)

 (this is the main entrance)

 (note the coloured glass panel for the doors to the bathroom and prayer room)

 (w.c. with a view....hehehe....)

 Yesterday took these pictures after my tai chi event at my farm in Pedas.  Well, I hope my homestay could be ready by end of May 2012.....  My contractor said, "No problem kak. InshaAllah can be ready by then...."


Friday, March 9, 2012

Stock Check - Animal feed

Every time I do the stock check at our store (the last one was on 2nd March), I had to count every bag of feed and to do this, I had to climb atop the bags of feed to ensure I have the correct amount of feed left.  

As for the forklift....still unable to drive it lah.....will have to ask my worker to teach me.... Well, after counting, there are 608 bags left of animal feed...


Sunday, March 4, 2012

@LIZAS homestay...still being renovated

 (the bathroom wall being built)

 (Note the ventilation bricks for the bathroom and w.c.)

 (view of the kitchen area)

 (Note the dual panel wooden window)

 (there will be four wooden windows within this area)

 (the right side exterior view)

 (view of the kitchen from the right side)

I had been very busy the last one week.  Last Monday 27 February, Kak Wahida, my next door neighbour accompanied me to Putris at Precint 8, Putrajaya after zohor prayers.  Putris is a bridal boutique, strongly recommended by my bff Shelina.  Her daughter, Raja Fazlina wore the muslimah bridal dresses from Putris, at her wedding last year.  

Besides Putris, we also went to other bridal boutiques at Bangi area.  They allowed us to take photos of their dresses and I emailed to Kak Long.  If Kak Long likes it, she will have to see the dresses herself and decide on the colour.

Then on Tuesday morning, I had to take Sofiyah to Dr Lisa for her second tooth extraction.  The doctor wanted to give her MC but she refused because she was having her first term examinations. 

On Wednesday, Sofiyah followed me to the farm for the monthly stock check.  Since I was at the office, I left Sofiyah at Lizloteng (my abode on the 1st floor of SPHjBudin building.  Sofiyah helped me with the spring cleaning of my abode, since my brother and his son have returned to Kuching to continue his eye treatment at the Kuching hospital.

We did not return to Kajang, but stayed the night at Lizloteng.  My husband joined us in the evening when he returned from Shah Alam.  Although exhausted, I cooked dinner for hubby and Sofiyah.  The menu, white rice with fried kembong fish and telor goring kicap...very simple dishes but delicious.....(actually these dishes are cooked when the cook is other words....LAZYYYYY.....hehehe...)

Thursday morning I stock checked with my clerk and my husband sent Sofiyah to school all the way from our farm.  So, I had plenty of time to finish spring cleaning Lizloteng too.  Anyway, I also managed to take a few photos of our homestay which is being renovated.  

Our contractor, Encik Halim, managed to find wooden windows at a recycled shop in Tampin.  Well, I hope the windows are not from an old kampung house which was rumored to be haunted and its unseen inhabitants decided to follow where the windows will be installed later on.....sounds creepy...but lets hope they are the friendly ghosts!!!  (My imagination is now making me have goose bumps!!! Hehehe.....)

Anyway, I returned to Kajang late in the evening, and Sofiyah was waiting for me at my neighbour's house.  It was already 7.45pm.  We had dinner at Sri Antan Corner (Boy's new name for his food stall).  Hubby sent me an sms to say that he has reached Tanjong Malim and will stay the night there.

Friday morning, I had to drive Sofiyah for her appointment with Dr Pat the dentist.  Friday the 2nd March is also Sofiyah's thirteenth birthday.  She is now officially a teenager....and I have to be prepared for whatever a teenager will face, just like all her other siblings during their teenage years.....I have gone through five and what is one more.......another challenge, and Allah will help me too, InshaAllah.

Sofiyah also requested from Dr Pat to have her braces done on her birthday. she is with the braces...she chose pink for the band on her braces...

Total cost for the treatment is RM7,000/-.  For the first paymet is RM2,500/-.  Then RM200 each time she comes for treatment  until the full amount is reached.  Her next appointment is in Aoril.... Well, I had to buy McD chicken porridge on our way home from the dentist, because she said she was in pain.....Well, Sofiyah no pain no gain..... You can do it girl... So, McD porridge for you now.... You can have BigMac for dinner afterwards....;-) 

Oh yaa!  Happy Birthday my darling you so much.....hugs and muahhsss......

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