Saturday, February 25, 2012

Here he comes.......(future son-in-law)

My neighbour, Tuan Haji Ramli had a kenduri, to celebrate the arrival of his first grandchild, a baby girl.  All my neighbours were invited to this event.  The event started at eleven o'clock this my morning.  Well, the event happened the same day I met my future son-in-law for the first time.  

Kak Long (Siti Khadijah), my eldest daughter, informed me about a week ago, that her boyfriend is coming to meet us at our humble home on Saturday (which is today).   So, I told Kak long he could come in the afternoon and have lunch at our abode.

So....this morning, after an early breakfast of nasi goring, I began to cook lunch.  By eleven o'clock, I finished cooking and went to Hj Ramli's house for the kenduri.  Wow....the menu was very impressive....beriani rice, lamb curry, fried chicken, desserts... and nasi dagang cooked by Hj Ramli's wife, Hjh Rafisah.

My neighbours were all there.   But of course, the ladies had their own buffet table and we ate among the ladies.  The men too had their own buffet table under the canopy.  We ladies ate our food in the house, away from the men.  

I only ate the kuihs and fruits because I was not hungry...Some of my lady friends who noticed that I was not eating the scrumptious food, teased me about being nervous meeting my future son-in-law for the first time.  Well, of course I was nervous..... what if he does not like me as his future mother-in-law.... 

Well, my friends sure had a good time teasing me..... and me, being a good sport, laughed together with them.  By the time I left Hj Ramli's house, kak long's boyfriend has still not arrived.  So I called kak long over the phone, and she said that her boyfriend was waiting for her at the gas station and wanted to come with her too, because he too was nervous to meet me and my husband.

It was two o'clock when he finally came.  Kak Long guided him to our house.  My son, Khairulzaman and I welcomed him at our front door. His name, Ahmad Khalid, good looking and well mannered.  He did not come empty handed, he brought gifts for the whole family!! We all said thank you.

We sat in the living room and since Khairulzaman was around, he did small talk with Ahmad, while waiting for my husband.  When my husband returned from the mosque, Ahmad gave him the gift he brought.  My husband was surprised and said thank you too.

So, while my husband was chatting with Ahmad, I set the table for lunch.  Kak Long and Sofiyah helped me, so did Ayeshah.  Then we invited Ahmad to have lunch with us..The whole family, except for Badruzzaman, ate lunch with Ahmad.  We had ayam kampung masak lemak cili api, ikan bawal goring sambal and kari ikan masin, fried taugeh, sambal belacan and japanese cucumber.

After lunch, Ahmad, Kak Long, my husband and myself again sat in the living room and we began to discuss the procedure of what to take place before the actual wedding.  According to custom, Ahmad's parents must come to meet us and bring a gold ring as a sign that Ahmad has asked for my daughter's hand in marriage.  This will also be the first time his parents meet my daughter.   

Khairulzaman served us tea (he made it too sweet!) and hubby and I chatted with Ahmad, getting to know him and his family background.  He is from Pokok Sena, Kedah, 32 years old and is an engineer with a foreign firm.  He is the eldest among six siblings (similar to kak long) and his youngest sister is eight years old.

Ahmad finally left our house at 4.15pm.  He promised to make arrangements so that his parents could come next week, InshaAllah. 

The Holy Mosque (Bird's eye view)


Friday, February 24, 2012

It sure hurts.....AGAIN!!

This morning after solat fajr, I drove to Pantai Hospital Bangsar for my appointment with Datuk Dr Mahmood Merican.  The appointment was at 9.00am.  I left the house at 7.25am.  When I was about to reach the first toll plaza, I then realized that my touch-n-go card was missing.... I had to queue with the other motorists w/o TnGo.... and what a LONNNNNG queue!!

After the second toll plaza....the traffic was so heavy...It took me ten minutes to drive into Taman Connaught. was bumper to bumper until the Federal Highway... I finally reached the hospital at 8.40am.

Since I still had another twenty minutes to spare, I went to the cafeteria and had fried mee hoon plus fried yellow mee.  I could finished the whole plate....well, I was extremely hungry what.....

Then off to the clinic on the 4th floor.  I was the first to come.  Then another lady came in.  She looked utterly familiar, then I realized I bumped into her at the entrance of the hospital.  We said 'salam' and smiled.  So, while waiting for dear doctor to come in, I read the book which I brought along with me.  I go everywhere with a book.  Love to read, especially if I had to wait.  

Well, when I was dating with my husband (before we were married), he was never, I spent the time reading...Sometimes, I could finish reading a whole paperback edition...OR I would borrow a magazine from the nice uncle who owns the bookshop around the corner at Paul Street, Seremban.....

Anyway, when it was my turn to see Dr Mahmood, I told him I still felt pain on my left heel, and decided to proceed with the steroid injection.  I had to shut my eyes and pray, because, so painful lah......

I had to see the doctor in two weeks time.  Doctor also told me not to move around much.  How can I not move around??? I am always on the go lah doctor......

Anyway, I drove home after that.  Traffic was smooth, and I reached home twenty minutes later.  It was eleven o'clock, so I rested (a.k.a. took a nap) so that my heel can rest.....

I pray to Allah so that He will take away the pain and bless me with good health. Amin.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pemenang-pemenang Hari Peladang, Penternak dan Nelayan 2006-2010

My husband, the owner of our farm in Pedas, Negeri Sembilan (Syarikat Perniagaan Haji Budin) had his achievement published in the above book..

He was the winner in the Livestock category (National level) in 2006.  He was then 48 years old.  The book was launched during the Hari Peladang, Penternak dan Nelayan in Perak this year (2012).

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Homestay @LIZAS

 (the bathroom next to the linen room)

 (the bathroom and the WC)

 (the porch and the store room in the background)

 (the proposed entrance)

 (the living area)

 (the kitchen)

 (perhaps an attic too??)

 (the rear portion of our kampung house being renovated)

(our farm in the background)

The rear portion of our kampung house is being renovated.  Work started about a week ago.  There will be an open kitchen area, a separate bathroom and WC, dining and living areas and also an exterior store room.  There will also be a prayer room next to the living area.  We may build an attic above the bathroom.

As for the main house, we leave it as it is.  But of course, we may have to repaint the interior.   

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Nowadays, working mothers who breastfed their babies have special rooms at their workplace for them to pump their breast milk and even store them in the fridge provided. 

When I was working and was also breastfeeding my first born, I had to pump my milk in the telephone operator’s room which was next to the small  cafeteria at my workplace back then.  Luckily the telephonist was partially impaired and also female, so I had no problem in pumping my breastmilk in her small room.

After pumping, I would then put the small bottle of fresh breastmilk into the fridge at the cafeteria.  I also had to label the bottle ‘Breastmilk’.  At first, I was the only mom who pump breastmilk at the office, and then when word got around, and also when my storage of breastmilk was seen in the fridge at the cafeteria, a few other moms joined me at the operator’s room…

I would go pump my breastmilk each time my breast became full and also when it began to ‘leak’ meaning, milk would slowly seep through my breast pad…I would then leave my desk (I was a confidential secretary) and disappeared for a while.  My boss and my colleagues were very understanding….and they knew where to look for me if I was not at my desk.

By the time I left my office, I would have at least three bottles of milk ready to take home.  My maid will warm up the milk to feed my daughter when I worked.  I would breastfeed my daughter  when I returned from the office and during the night (she got up at least twice during the night to feed). 

I breastfed all my six children, and all of them suckled on my breasts 24/7 since I was already a full time mom (I quit my job when my eldest daughter was eight months old).  Only my eldest daughter had both breastmilk and formulas, since I was working, and the maid always complained that my daughter refused to drink the warm-up breastmilk!  So….my eldest daughter was on formulas for only eight months, since I quit my job and became a full time housewife.

The longest time that my children were breastfed was two years…and only Sofiyah hit that target! She was the youngest and since there was no way she could have another brother or sister, hehehe…(I was forty years old when I had her). She completed her breastfeeding in two years exactly!

The Holy Quran, Surah Al Baqarah verse 233 "The mothers shall give suck to their offspring for two whole years, if the father desires to complete the term.  But he shall bear the cost of their food and clothing on equitable terms.   No soul shall have a burden laid on it greater than it can bear.  No mother shall be treated unfairly on account of her child.  Nor father on account of his child, an heir shall be chargeable in the same way.  If they both decide on weaning, by mutual consent, and after due consultation, there is no blame on them.  If you decide on a foster-mother for your offspring, there is no blame on you, provided you pay (the mother) what you offered, on equitable terms.  But fear Allah and know that Allah sees well what you do." 

My other children had to cut short their breastfeeding because I was already pregnant before completing their two years breastfeeding time….. (They all started to drink from the cup usually after 16 to 20 months of complete breastmilk.)

Once my children stopped breastmilk, I gave them MILO.  Except for my eldest child, the other children never use the feeding bottle when they were babies….AND all of them were not addicted to the pacifier either….

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No more braces.....

 (with braces)

 Wahid had his braces removed today (Feb 14).  I have yet to see his new look, since he went straight to work after his dental appointment with Dr Patricia.  

Then, on Friday afternoon, he will have to see Dr Patricia again to put on the retainer.  Wonder how long he will have to wear the retainer.  

Three of my children had to wear braces. Siti Khadijah, Badruzzaman and Wahiduzzaman. The next in line will be Sofiyah.  Her appointment with Dr Patricia Friday morning.  Dr Patricia will explain what she will do for Sofiyah's treatment after viewing the x-ray taken about two weeks ago.

My hubby said that our children who had to wear braces has my genes in them, since I too had to wear braces at the ripe age of 31!!!  Hehehe....

It was in 1989, hubby and I were watching television Majallah 3, when a documentary on orthodontic treatment was shown.  Then hubby suggested that I go for the treatment.  

So.....I had braces when I was 31 years old.  I was still wearing braces when I delivered my fourth child, Khairulzaman in 1990.  There I was in the delivery room at Pantai Medical Centre enduring the labour pains, when suddenly one of the nurses took a closer look at me, and said, "Puan, are you wearing braces?".  "Ya, so what?", I answered rudely.  Well, when one is in labour, you can be mean sometimes...hehehe....

Thankfully, my braces were removed before I had Wahiduzzaman.  

Wahid without his braces.  He just came home from work...He looked tired.  Poor Wahid.  

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I was in the kitchen preparing lunch for Sofiyah, and as always, I would turn on the tv.  There's a tv set in my kitchen and also a tv set in the laundry room (where I do the ironing).  The tv keeps me company, since I am usually alone at home after the children left for work and school.

The tv was on, but I was not paying much attention, until I heard the word 'Menopause'.  The programme was on Channel 1.

"There was this lady, sitting on the couch and fanning herself even though the ceiling fan was on.  She kept complaining that she felt hot all over (hot as in warm, not the other 'hot' thingy..hehhehe..).  She was also unkempt.  The room she was in was also in a mess.  Anyway, the husband then walked in and complained about the wife not keeping the house in order.  A small argument than ensued, with the wife saying that the husband was now always complaining and that he no longer needed her because he has eyes for the widow Jamilah!!

Then came bedtime, they were both in bed.  Wife still complained she felt hot all over and told husband to increase the aircon thermostat. Husband said he was already freezing in the room. So, he left the wife and slept in the living room instead.

Next morning, wife went to see the doctor. She looked tired and dressed gaudily.  She told doctor what she was going through, and wanted to know what was wrong with her. Besides the hot flushes, the mood swings, she felt pain during intercourse.

Doctor explained, what she was going through is called menopause.  The symptoms are: hot flushes, tiredness, mood-swings, sometimes pain during intercourse due to dryness in vagina. Then doctor asked whether she had pap-smear and mammogram done.  She said no. So doctor did the pap-smear and sent her to do the mammogram. Then doctor said she must take hormone pills. 

So, when she came for her follow-up appointment, here comes this lady wearing a kebaya, high heels and a groovy handbag.  Voila! She looked entirely different when she first came to see the doctor.  Then when the doctor asked how she was, she said, "Oh I felt so good doctor. My husband also happy doctor... (blush blush).""

Well. will I have all these symptoms when I reached menopause? Or perhaps, I am already menopause mode but did not realize it yet, since I do not have all those symptoms? As for taking hormone pills, I think I prefer to continue taking honey with black seed oil on alternate my vitamins.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Rambutan tree not dead yet!

My rambutan tree, young shoots, Alhamdulillah, my rambutan tree has not died! InshaAllah, looking forward to more rambutan fruits...  

But then, it will be quite a while before my rambutan tree can provide shade in our compound... Perhaps need to put more organic fertilizer to speed growth!! Fertilizer from my farm...cowdung!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

@Kenny Rogers Roasters

(Wahid brought the bill for payment)
(Wahid cleaning the table)
 (Wahid serving....)

 Wahid got a job at Kenny Rogers Roasters.  So, after hubby and I attended our friend's daughter's wedding we drove to the mall to surprise Wahid at the outlet.  Today is Wahid's fourth day at work.  

He had to cut his hair short in order to work here.  Never mind lah son, your hair will grow again what.... He was waiting for his SPM results, and while waiting, he and his BFF, Deen, decided to look for work.  

I was surprised when Wahid told me he got a job at Kenny Rogers, because he told me earlier that he wanted to work at the Petronas Petrol Station near our house.   

When hubby saw him working at the outlet, hubby said, "kesian pula, tengok anak kene sapu meja and jadi kuli...."  (pity our son have to clean tables and work like a coolie).  But then hubby also said (in English this time) "But then it is good, he will open up from being shy and meet people from all walks of life that comes in to eat here, and also improve on his spoken English."

Well, Wahid will get his salary end of the month.  Perhaps then he will get a new deck for his skateboard.  I am sure he has plans how to spend his 'hard-earned' $$$...

He may have to miss his skateboarding activities this week since he is in the afternoon shift.  Wonder when is his off days....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

When she was just a toddler....

Siti Khadijah (3 years old) with her younger sister Siti Ayeshah(18 months).  This picture was shot in our living room at 11th Mile, Cheras Road.  Their dad took this picture.

Ayeshah posted this picture in her FB.  She was telling how much she would miss her elder sister (Siti Khadijah aka kak long) once her elder sister gets married.  Well, kak long says she will get married in May...what year?? I don't know.....Lets hope its this year....InshaAllah.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sheep and Goats

I took these pictures when I went to the farm for stock check yesterday.  We have yet to move our herd to the new barn. 

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