Friday, September 30, 2011

Ladies brunch @my abode

 (my neighbours....)

 (sharing the cookie recipe....)

 (sure you do not want to refill the laksa johor??)

 (note the two large framed cross stitch picture of a seaside in the foreground and the cross stitch picture of the Masjid Haram, Mecca in the background)

 (another cross stitch picture of a kampung house near the dining table)

 (chow time.....)

 (me with lady lawyer Puan Aida)

(Datin Aini enjoying the laksa johor)

Date: 28th September (wednesday)

Venue: my abode

Guests: Neighbours and close friends

Menu:  Laksa Johor
             Masak lemak cili api ayam kampung
            Ikan bilis goring dengan petai
            White Rice
                BBQ leg of lamb 
            BBQ chicken
            Desserts: pot luck from 10 friends

            Drinks: chilled rose syrup
                          warm water
                          BOH tea

Time: From 10.30am to 1.30pm

Verdict:  BESTTTTTTTTTTTT.......

Friday, September 23, 2011

Eid Mubarak 2011

(My family including Fifi our cat)

                                                             (My 6 wonderful children)

The above pictures were taken after returning from the mosque for Eid prayers.  Eid was celebrated on August 30.  If in other countries, Eid was celebrated, the most, 7 days, here in whole month of Syawal!!

So.... there's another one whole week to enjoy Eid....  My husband has completed his 6 days fasting during Syawal.  As for me, I have another 4 days to go.....but then, its not the 6 days Syawal fasting....its something else....

 Anyway.... last week my aquarium looked like this... the water had turned murky and four fishes died.  The aquarium also stank!! Then when I called up the guy who installed the new pressure pump to rectify the problem, he gave feeble excuses and kept on delaying coming to my house. I was so cheesed up that I went to another aquarium specialist and seek his help.

 Thanks to Mr Kwan, my aquarium now look like this.... The water became clearer and the fishes were swimming merrily right to the bottom of the aquarium.  Previously, it just swam near the surface.....

But Mr Kwan advice me not to buy any more new fishes.  He told me to wait for a few more days before adding new ones..... Well, my dark coloured goldfish will have to swim alone for now......

I enjoy watching the fishes in the aquarium especially before I go to bed.  Sometimes Fifi, my cat, would sit with me too....of course lah...perhaps he has ulterior motives......hehehe.....Anyhway, Fifi is now 12 years old, but if calculate according to cats' ages...multiply by 7 = 84 years but still, she's aging already...

When I took Fifi to the vet for coughing and lack of appetite, the doctor took x-ray of her lungs...and I was caught by surprise when the doctor told me Fifi had pneumonia.... So, she had to take antibiotics and vitamins and other medications prescribed and, Alhamdullilah she's getting well.  Now she sure eats a lot....getting fat even.....Well, the doctor said, let her eats whatever she wants......

Well, some one suggested that I have another cat since Fifi is getting old...Oh no......I definitely cannot do that.... I might hurt Fifi's feelings... I love her a lot.  Well, Fifi's next appointment is next week.  I hope she's completely cured.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend at Residence Desa Lagoon Resort, Port Dickson

 (On the left is the driveway from the entrance, whilst on the right to the lobby)

 (can park one's car right to the front door....)

 (The Red Hibiscus (our National flower) can be found along the fence)

 (the lobby's deck in the background)

 (the large swimming pool and outdoor jacuzzi)

(when we first came years ago, we could touch the tip of the coconut trees)

 (Room 212 (Ground Flr) is on the right)

 (the king size bed.....)
 (the bathroom with jacuzzi...)

 (the living room)

 (the balcony overlooking the swimming pool)

 (view from the balcony)

(this chalet is for VIP)
 (the rear entrance to the beach)
 (the bbq area)

(view from the beach)

Last weekend, instead of going to Malacca, my husband took me to Port Dickson.  We stayed at Residence Desa Lagoon (formerly known as Desa Lagoon Resort).  We really like this place.  For one thing, we use to stroll along this stretch of the 5th Mile Port Dickson beach during our dating days..... The tree with no leaves is still at its spot next to the resort. 

In fact, we have been staying at this resort during our vacation when the children were still very very young.  Sofiyah was just a baby then.... But then, we were renting the chalet facing the beach.  There are 2 bedrooms and also a small kitchenette. The children wiould sleep in the large bedroom on the 1st floor, while hubby and I and Sofiyah would sleep in the bedroom on the ground floor. 

We would stay at this resort each time we have our vacation every year.  In fact, whenever hubby and I need to be away from the children....meaning just the two of us.... we would spend our time here at Desa Lagoon.  Well, we only manage to do this, since we could now depend  on the elder children to take care of their younger siblings.....

Usually we would stroll along the beach right up to 4th mile and watched the sunset from there. I love to put my arms on my husband's shoulders while we walked, as though he was my best friend....well, actually he is my best friend.....he means the world to me....


Friday, September 9, 2011

Studio Unit for Rent @Maytower Hotel & Suites, Kuala Lumpur

 (The Queen Size Bed with a slide-out single bed underneath)
(the 29" TV (Astro will be connected soon)

(the entrance)

 (the kitchenette, complete with kitchen utensils, a microwave oven, washing machine and a dryer)

 (view from the entrance)

 (cozy rattan chairs...)

I am renting my studio unit at RM2,500 a month.  The rent is inclusive of Electricity, Water and Gas.  My unit is on the 24th floor of the Maytower Hotel and Suites in Kuala Lumpur.  Tenants could use the swimming pool and the gymnasium at Maytower.  My email:

Thank you.


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