Thursday, April 29, 2010

Colemar, Bukit Tinggi

Sofiyah with her classmates at Colemar

Beautiful Swans

Sofiyah took these pictures during her field trip to Bukit Tinggi on 28th April 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Uji Rashid, Semakin hari Semakin Sayang

Dinner at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur

My husband and I attended a dinner organised by the Datuk2 Kurnia Negeri Sembilan, in conjunction with HRH the Yang Dipertuan's Birthday on Sunday 25th April 2010. Well, actually it was also his highness's eldest son's birthday. His son is sure good looking.

Our table was right in front of the stage, so we had a good view of the veteran artists performing that night. There was Uji Rashid, Hail Amir, R Ramlee and Halil Chik. They are singers from the 60s and 70s.

When Uji Rashid sang the song Sehari Semakin Sayang, it brought memories to my husband and I. That was our song when we were in love.... Hmmmmmm.. Anyway, Halil Chik sang a Tom Jones number, Delilah. That old guy can still sing so well. The live band from DBKL was superb. I felt like dancing when they belted out songs during the disco era.

Anyway, Datin Yun and Datuk Nordin were also there. We took pictures after the dinner. Hope Datin will post it in her FB. I received an sms from Datin today, and she told me Datuk got food poisoning since yesterday. We suspected it might be the first dish that he ate. Anyway, I hope Datuk will recover from the food poisoning.

Oh ya! There was also a fashion show where the Datins were the models. Datin Nora was one of them. Datin Nora is Datuk Amir's wife. Datuk Amir is my husband's friend. He's a businessman, a housing developer. My husband is also a businessman, he's in the livestock business, but then....

Friday, April 23, 2010

My handsome pen-pal (Part 6)

The next morning, when I had tea-break at the office, my colleague queried me about my date with my husband. Of course lah I told them how handsome he was, etc etc etc… Then, when I returned to my office, I received a call from my husband. Since the phone was on my Mr Sethu’s desk, I excused myself and use the phone in the room meant for the Chief Engineer. He was outstation at that time. Heheeehe

Anyway, I chatted with my husband and I felt ‘something’ when he said he missed me already!! Wahhh!! Hardly a day passed by and he missed me already??? What was that ‘something’ feeling??? Oh well, whatever it was, it make me feel goooodddd!!

I was smiling to myself when I entered my office again. Mr Sethu was looking awkwardly at me. Well, for me to know for you to find out, Mr Sethu dear!! Hahahaaa

During lunch break, I told my colleague about the phone call, they said no wonder my face was glowing…. ‘Glowing’?? What glowing??? But then… (View my next post pls)

My handsome pen-pal (part 5)

AT 8th mile we managed to catch the last bus to Port Dickson town. From there, we took a taxi to Seremban. We reached Seremban at 8pm. I hurriedly said goodbye to my husband and took the bus home. He had to take a taxi because he had missed the last bus home.

When I reached home, safely, my mother scolded me for coming home late. She was so worried. Well, we do not have a telephone at home and those days there were no handphones!! Yeah, my mother was so concerned about me. But then, I was almost 18 years old!! Well, my fault actually, so happy being with my husband on our first date, that I did not realized how fast time flew by…. But then..

After taking my bath, had dinner, and then off to bed. But I did not sleep immediately, I was reminiscing our first date… How we met the first time, the pillar being our witness!! Hehehee… The Johnsons shoes, the rubber trees, the Japanese slippers…. Hahaahaaa

I really enjoyed our date, it might not be love at first sight, but I found him handsome, smart, a gentleman and oh… so full of humour!! He is so funny. By the way, we converse entirely in English!! Years later, my husband thought I could not speak Malay at all!! Hahahahaa….. But then.. (view my next post pls)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My handsome pen-pal (Part 4)

My daughter, Sofiyah really really wants me to continue my story of how I met her father. Heheeee.

Well, where were we?? Oh yeah! In the bus, Nasiah was sitting infront of us. The journey took almost an hour. We were chatting the whole way. Then, when we arrived in Port Dickson town, the three of us had breakfast at this Indian Restaurant. We had roti canai and nasi lemak.

Then we had to take another bus to 8th Mile, Port Dickson, also known as Telok Kemang. It is a public beach. Being a Sunday, there was quite a crowd. From the bus-stop, we walked to the beach, and suddenly we bumped into Nasiah's friends. Nasiah of course, took the opportunity to leave me and my husband alone. How sporting!!!

So.... husband and I walked and chatted, and walked and chatted... till we came to this hill. Then, we climbed this hill where at the top was this light-house. Being adventurous, we came down the other side of the hill. We had to go through this mini jungle to reach the other side.

The beach here was quite deserted except for a family or two, picnicking on the sandy beach. We walked along the beach and finally rested in front of this huge bungalow (where many years later, when we had our children, we stayed in that bungalow during our vacation).

All this while, my husband was using his Johnson shoes!! Then, on our way back to the main road, and was looking for the bus-stop, I noticed row and row of trees by the roadside. I asked him, "hey, what trees are these??". He was laughing at me and said, "Why don't you look from the top and follow the trunk to the bottom of the tree???" Then when I saw the tiny cups tied around the trunk, I realised it was rubber trees!!!! What the.... Aiyo!! So... malu.

Then I noticed he was walking slowly and almost limping. Ah ha!! He was getting blisters on his heels!! Poor thing!! But then, lucky for him, we came to a grocery shop along the road. He then bought a pair of Japanese slippers! He removed his shoes and socks and stuff it into his shoulder bag, and wore the slippers!! I could see the relived on his face. No more agony!! Hahhaaha..

Then, when we reached 8th mile, we were looking for Nasiah and her friends. But then, the beach was deserted. Then I looked at my watch, it had stopped. Those days, we had to rewind our watches. My husband was not wearing any. When we asked a stranger the time, it was almost seven o'clock. I panicked, but then... (sorry Sofiyah, you have to view my next post!)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fifi, my cat

Fifi is 11 years old now. Shes no longer playful. If I scratched her neck, she would purrr and closed her eyes. I really love her. So does my children. Shes also as old as Sofiyah. In fact, it was 11 years ago that I found her in front of my car tyre. I was at the fishmonger in Sungai Kantan at that time. She was just a kitten then. It was love at first sight for me.

She was so frail. Her eyes were watery and she was so skinny. My heart melted when she looked at me with those eyes of hers. So, after putting my grocery in the car booth, I picked her up and put her on the front passenger seat. She just sat there, hardly moving. I thought she was dying.

I then went to the vet at Taman Bukit Kajang. Dr June of Reliance Veterinary Clinic attended to Fifi. After treating her, I asked Dr June what should I do next. She told me to put Fifi in a cage, together with the litter box and her food tray. She was so tiny when I put her in the cage. This is one way of training her to poo in the litter box, otherwise, she would poo poo anywhere she pleases if not trained.

After about a week, I took her to see Dr June again. Dr June said she could leave the cage but put the litter box closer to the door each day. Once she got the idea that she had to poo outside the house, she got an A++ for that deed. Hahahaa.

Anyway, Fifi was very playful. She would come up to me whilst I was watching television, and would jump up onto my lap. Never once did she ever poo in the house, until now. She also does not scratch the furniture or jump onto my bed or the childrens' bed. She was so disciplined.

I would play with her when I have the time. I would use ping pong ball to let her chase it when it bounced. When it comes to bathing her, she actually love it. That was because I use warm water in the pail to bathe her. Wipe her dry with a towel, and blow dry her fur.

Then, she got pregnant!! But then.. (view my next post pls)

Friday, April 16, 2010

My handsome pen-pal (part 3)

When my husband wanted to meet me for the first time, I was so excited. Since I did not want to be alone with him on our first date, I drag my girlfriend Nasiah, and her boyfriend to accompany me. Nasiah (the telephonist) followed me home after work on Saturday and slept at my house. Her boyfriend was suppose to join us on Sunday morning. But then, he could not make it since he had to return to his kampung because his grandfather was unwell. But then, he did fetch us and sent us to the bus terminal in Seremban, on that Sunday morning.

I was suppose to wait for my husband in front of Wearne Brothers (automobile showroom) in Seremban town at 7.30am, but then, by 7.15am I was already in Seremban. Instead of waiting for him at Wearne Brothers, Nasiah and I walked to a restaurant (Negri Restaurant) opposite the showroom and waited there.

We waited outside the restaurant instead. I was standing next to a pillar which was on my left. My eyes were watching across the road at the showroom. Fifteen minutes passed, and there was no sign of him. Oh oh!! Has he chickened out or what??? Or worst still, has something happened to him?? ORRRR he forgot our date!!!! What could be more fatal!! I was already feeling 'malu' (shame) since Nasiah was with me. Aiyo!!! Nasiah was looking at her watch already. I told her, "Fine, lets give him another 10 mins, otherwise we can 'belah' (go home)."

Then, while I was leaning against the pillar, I saw someone turning over the newspaper he was reading, next to my pillar. Curious, I took a step backwards and at the same time, the other guy sharing my pillar, also stepped back and we looked at each other and.... he asked, "Are you Norliza?". Aiyoooo!! Like Hindustani film man.....

What the.... I 'terperanjat' (shocked) and 'terkejut' (surprised) to see him up close. So... this was my pen-pal. I was also amused to see him so well dressed. We were going to Port Dickson man, and he was wearing leather shoes!!!! (Johnson brand pula tu... heheehe) I was only wearing slippers. FYI, Port Dickson is by the seaside. Its a coastal town. Port Dickson has lovely beaches.

Well, maybe he was trying to impress me on our first date. But then, I was embarrassed too, because I was in my jeans and t-shirt only, plus the japanese slippers! BUT, we were going to the beach man..... No need to wear leather shoes!!! Hahahahaa (Years later, when we talked about our first date and told it to our children, my husband actually found it funny that he dressed that way. He admitted he wanted to impress me. First impression Very Important, he said).

So, we shook hands and I introduced him to Nasiah. Then, the three of us walked to the bus terminal and took the next bus to Port Dickson, since we missed the earlier bus. Nasiah had to sit alone in front of us. The journey, by bus took an hour. But then.... (view my next post pls)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunrise at Mount Belimbing

Sick Leave

Today is the second day Sofiyah missed school. She had fever since yesterday. According to the doctor, its just a virus infection. So, I am not alone at home. She's watching tv right now and munching crackers. She made her own milo drink. I think shes starting to get bored. She wants me to take her swimming at the Gym pool. Of course I will not allow it. I told her we will go next week, when shes much better.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My handsome pen-pal (part 2)

I was working as a Confidential Stenographer in the office of the Production Controller (Rubber) ,Kumpul;an Guthrie Sendirian Berhad. My boss was Mr D J Barry (Dermott James Barry) and the Chief Clerk (CC) was Mr Sethumadhavan aka Mr Sethu. There was only the three of us.

Every morning I took the bus to Seremban town and walked to Paul Street. I would wait for the pick-up truck with two other employees, Stella and Catherine. Stella and Catherine would sit infront with the driver, either Muthu or Maniam. I would sit at the back of the pick-up. But then, I was not alone, along the way, Mr Chong would join us. He would sit with me at the back. Most of the time, Mr Chong would doze off when we have nothing to talk about.

Mr Chong was the Accounts Clerk, Stella was the Confidential Stenographer to Mr Pritchard (the Manager of GRPSB, Siliau (Guthrie Rubber Processing Sendirian Berhad, Siliau) whilst Catherine was the General Clerk. There was Mr Ravi (the CC), Nasiah (the telephonist), Lamin (the office-boy).

Then, I received a letter from my husband. He wanted to meet me for the first time. I was so excited. We finally met on March 28 1976. I will forever remember that day....(view my next post)

Friday, April 9, 2010

My handsome pen-pal


He was my pen-pal. He first wrote to me after reading about me in the Look n Learn magazine. At that time he was in his school Library. He was studying at Undang Rembau English Secondary School (URESS), in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. He was in Form 2.

I wrote in the pen-pal column of the Look n Learn magazine. It was published in the United Kingdom. I was a school librarian, in Monks' Hill Secondary School, Singapore. I was in Secondary 2. I love reading a lot. So, while waiting for the borrowers to come in, I would read whatever books or magazines available in the school library. That was how I came across the magazine and decided to write requesting for pen-pals from around the world.

So, my husband was one of the many readers who wrote to me. I received a lot of letters from all over the world. I was so thrilled. Imagine receiving letters everyday..... Felt like a celebrity too. I replied to all of them. Imagine where my pocket money went. I need to buy stamps (there was no email) so, since I could not afford to send my replies via the normal Air-mail, I usually buy Aerogrammes. It was a lot cheaper, but you cannot enclosed anything. It was just a piece of paper where you glue all the sides before posting!!

Ahha!! Lucky for me, my husband was living in Malaysia. So, the stamp was not expensive. At that time it was only 15 cents. My pocket money to school was 30 cents. An aerogramme cost 30 cents!!! So... I was broke most times.... But then, luckily my father increase my pocket money to 50 cents when I studied in Secondary 3. By that time, I have lost contact with most of my overseas pen-pal. Only Stephen Croft from Yorkshire, England and Kamaruzaman Bin Budin (my husband) from Malaysia remained.

Since we were both still in school, and broke most of the time, my husband taught me how to 'save' our postage by 'cheating' the postal department. Each time before I post my letters to him, I would rub glue onto the stamp. Wait for it to dry, and then put it in the post-box. When the post office stamped the stamp, the logo would touch the glue and not the stamp itself!! So... when my husband received my letter, he would remove the stamp and soaked it in water. He would then return the stamp in his letter to me. The stamp can then be reused!! Clever eh??!! Heyyyy, that was his idea, not mine!!

We had fun corresponding with each other. I only get to see how he looked like when he sent me his first photograph, a year later. He was in his school uniform and carrying his school bag!!! Wowwww!!!! He was so.... cute!! I never sent him any photos because, I felt I was not pretty enough. That was in 1973.

We wrote regularly, almost everyday until mid 1973 because he was sitting for his SRP (Sijil Rendah Persekolahan) or LCE (Lower Certificate of Education. So, we stopped corresponding until he finished his examination. We continued our correspondence until mid 1974. We stopped because I was sitting for my Cambridge GCE 'O' level. Then, we started to write each other again end of 1974. By that time, I was already living in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

My dad, who was working at the Singapore Port Authority, decided to send my mum, me and my siblings (I have 3 younger brothers) back to our village in Malaysia. My dad continued working in Singapore until his retirement.

Anyway, while waiting for my GCE results, I took up a Stenography course in Seremban. I learned typewriting, shorthand and also book-keeping. That was in 1975. I was 16 going on 17. My husband was in Form 5. I did write to him informing him that I was living in Malaysia also. I was just 16 km from where he lived. Yet, we never met, because, he was still in school and will be sitting for his Malaysia Certificate of Education (MCE) that year. He replied that we can continue our correspondence after he finished his MCE. We adhered to that decision.

Meanwhile, I continued with my studies at Maktab Seri Jaya (Seri Jaya College) in Seremban. I cycled to class by borrowing my neighbour's bicycle on his off days, otherwise I took the bus. Then, one day, the bicycle was stolen!! It was stolen when I was in class. I had to walk all the way home (2.2km), crying most of the time. My mother wanted to replace the stolen bike, but my neighbour, refused. I was so thankful!! But, my mother gave me a very very very long lecture on the subject of 'borrowing'.... Hmph!!

At college, I had many girlfriends (there were no boys in my class) and we had so much fun. They were mostly Chinese and Indians. I did not have any Malay friends. I have a few pictures of them here. I will post it later. We graduated at the end of that year. We had a farewell cum pot luck party. We bought a saree for our lecturer as a farewell present. Again, there were no boys at this party. We did invite them (from the other class) but they were too shy. Perhaps boys during those days were from a shy breed!!

During the party, our lecturer called me and asked whether I would like a job. I said, sure, why not?? So, she told me to go to the Labour Department and register myself. The Department will then send me for an interview whenever a vacancy existed in any company. I did what she told me to. A week later, I received a letter from the Department requesting me to attend an interview at Guthrie Rubber Processing Sendirian Berhad (GRPSB) in Siliau, Negeri Sembilan.
Siliau??? Where??? Designation? Confidential Stenographer.

I took a taxi to Siliau. When I reached the destination, and got out of the taxi, the odour was awful..... it was the smell of ammonia. I have reached the rubber factory. The security guard took me to the office where I was going to be interviewed. I was the only applicant. I was told to fill in the application form. Half an hour later, I was called into the Production Controller (Rubber) office. Wow!! If I got this job, my Boss is a Brit!! Mr Dermott James Barry interviewed me himself. He dictated a letter and I had to transcribe it. That was so easy. Well, I also got the job!! I started work on 2nd January 1976!! I was only 17 years old!! My salary??? Only RM250 a month. I felt Rich!!

Well... where was my husband by this time??? Want to know??? View my next post!

D Muara

Im now at Dmuara resort in Sg Besar. Its low tide now. So, I can't hear the sound of the waves.... Its pretty quiet outside too. Im also trying to decorate this blog of mine, but, i may need Ayeshah to assist me. Its too complicated. Got me frustrated too. Arrrggghhhhh!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Breakfast of Nasi Ulam at Bangi

This morning I had breakfast with my girlfriend, at a new restaurant in Bangi. She was late. So while waiting for her, I did 'people watching'. I was leaning against this pillar at the next shop. There was this two police officers having their breakfast. They too were watching me. So, I divert my attention to a couple who was coming out of their car. Must be newly married, coz they were holding hands..... Yeah yeah.... older couples do not hold hands when walking into a restaurant. So malu....

When my girlfriend finally arrived, we took a table and ordered our breakfast. We had nasi kerabu (the blue rice) plus all the condiments. Oklah, not as sedap as the Restaurant in Section 7. Anyway, while having our coffee (me tongkat ali, she kopi jantan), we started to chat.

After an hour of chatting, we left the restaurant. She went to her studio in Section 4, whilst I went to my Tajwid class at Kajang mosque. I was 10 mins late!! Ustaz postponed the monthly test to tomorrow since most of the students pleaded for more time to revise. Me included!! Heheee. But then..... I might not be coming to class tomorrow... I am accompanying darling hubby to Tanjong Malim... Hey!! I have already told ustaz about it.
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