Thursday, March 4, 2010

Missing school uniform

Sofiyah's school uniform, her blouse i.e., went missing. I have searched everywhere and could not find it. Wonder where she lost it. I may have to get her a new blouse, otherwise her school uniform is not complete. She has 5 pairs of uniform. One for each school day. I had to do that so that i need not iron her school uniform everyday. So until I buy her a new blouse, I may have to iron her uniform on Thursday nights for her to wear on Fridays.. Hmmm

Hopefully she will not be like Wahid, her elder brother. Wahid, when he was in Primary School, not only his shirts went missing at school, sometimes his trousers, his shoes, his socks (all the time)went missing too. Even his 'songkok' (his head gear) also went missing. When I asked him how come, he just shrugged his shoulders. When I told his dad about it, his dad caned him. Even after being caned, some of his uniform still went missing...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sofiyah's 11th Birthday

Today is Sofiyah's 11th Birthday. She is my youngest daughter. This morning she woke up early to school. Excited because she's bringing 35 goody bags to give to her classmates and buddies in school. I packed the goody bags into 4 large chiller bags.

When she was giving her father a hug and kisses before leaving for school, her father asked her, how come she's giving gifts to her friends. And she replied, this is how she wants to celebrate her birthday. To give rather than to receive. Somehow her answer touch my heart-strings.. Dear Sofiyah, may u grow up and be a good daughter.

At school, I helped her carry the bags up to her class on the 3rd floor. Lukily the bags were not so heavy. I gave her my loving hug and kisses and said goodbye. Will fetch her after school. I hope she has a wonderful birthday with her friends at school.
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